Lighting and Centrepieces: Floral Lights and LED T-Lights

Floral lights

Much thought, time and expense goes into table decor and centrepieces. But so often, these beautiful arrangements are only appreciated in day light. As soon as night falls, they fade into the dim light.

With just a few LED lights, your arrangements can last the night through and remain the attraction they were meant to be! Here are some ideas of what you can do with LED lighting as part of your decor.

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These little floral lights are ideal to place inbetween the flowers, lighting up the surrounding area. This highlights the colours in the arrangement (which compliments the the whole look of the table and venue).

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LED T-Lightswinter-wedding-candle-centerpiece-ideas

LED T-Lights are so functional! You can place them in any type of holder and they look great! They have a realistic glow and flicker, just like a wax candle. There’s no worries about dripping wax, wind blowing them out, holders getting too hot or even items catching alight. They have a long battery life and will keep “glowing” throughout the evening.