Tips for Hanging Fairy Lights

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Fairy lights are an affordable way to bring some warmth and sparkle to your venue. It also lightens up an area, so only soft lighting is then needed for tables etc.

Our electric strings are interconnectable so you don’t have to worry about having many leads and plugs in the way. We also have battery operated fairy light strings if required.


1) Take measurements the venue or outside area where you want to use the fairy lights.
2) Make a sketch first of what you plan to do; the design you have in mind.
3) Work out how many meters are required and add in 10m – 20m for slack.
4) Its best to attach the strings to gut line if you plan to hang anything from the lights e.g. Chinese lanterns (otherwise there is too much weight on the string itself) or if there is quite a distance across that it must cover.
5) Cable ties are great for attaching the strings to gut line or tent perimeters. Just be careful not to cut the string when dismantling.
6) Be sure to keep track how many meters you have used since there’s a limit of 300m per plug point.
7) Remember to stand back occasionally to make sure lines are running straight or loops have the same amount of slack.

It’s usually in the taking down of strings that damages occur.

1)Before taking down the lights, switch them on to make sure all are still working. Then switch them off and start dismantling.
2) Never allow a sting to drop down while still attached to a line as this puts tension on the connection points and they can easily come loose.
3) Disconnect each 10m section as you go along, loosely rolling it up.
4) Before packing the strings away, count and make sure all sections are there as well as the power cables.