Ideas for Tent Lighting

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With summer around the corner, having your wedding or function in a tent holds many advantages. Besides enjoying the warmer weather, you can be upclose with your beautiful surroundings and it may be more cost effective, depending on your venue.

Basic Perimeter Lighting:

The perimeter of the tent is lit. This can be done with either fairy lights or globe lighting and/or lit Chinese lanterns. This is an easy DIY setup, if you so choose, saving you the extra expense of someone else coming to set up for you.

L L 549 DIY setup at Lievland, Klapmuts

Perimeter to Post/Peak Lighting:

Light strands can run from corners of the tent to posts or the peak of the tent
Corner-to-Peak-Tent-Lighting goodwinrentals

For more of an effect, it can run from the corners and creases of the tent to the posts/peaks.

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SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA by EC Lighting Solutions at The Roundhouse, Camps Bay

Using Globe Lighting:

Globe lighting generally gives off more light than fairy lights. Less strings can therefore be used, but still creating a stunning effect. We use a 40watt golf ball lamp, which is smaller than the standard incandescent lamp, it is frosted not clear and warm white in colour.

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Combining Fairy Lights and Globe Lighting:

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wedding-tent-lighting-ideas-3 honey heart photography Photo by Eyeful Images Photography

Using Lighting and Chinese Lanterns:

image 14 By EC Lighting Solutions at Oudemolen, Pinelands

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Lighting for Tents with Clear Tops:

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Using draping with Lighting:

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JeanPierreUys_CraigCarolyn_0014-585x409 myprettyblog Photo by Jean Pierre Uys Photography

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Special Effects with Lighting:

Often your tent can lend itself to certain designs. By following its lines, you can make the most of your lighting and tent structure. Below are pictures where we hung a fairy light curtain from the main pitches, creating a lighting feature hanging 3m down. Fairy light strings were taken from the pitch to the sides of the tent, creating a canopy.
Weltervreden 14

Weltervreden 30

Weltervreden 28

Weltervreden 22 Photos by Vizion Photo, Weltervreden

Multiple strings can also be used to make extravagant designs, which will definitely bring in the “wow” factor.
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At New Oaks Farm, Groot Drakenstein, we hung fairy light curtains around the edges of the tent, creating a warm glow on the inside and backdrop to the outdoors.


Garth-Nathalie_Lindy-Truter-115 - Copy Photos by Lindy Truter


There are endless possibilities to lighting a tent. It’s also important to consider the lighting for photo purposes. Here’s a look at what a photographer can do with some lighting.

AA  Weltevreden -68 Photo by Vizion Photo, Weltevreden

Even with a few strings of fairy lights, you can bring life to an otherwise dull tent. Uplighters are also useful and inexpensive additions, they come in different colours, which make for great mood lighting.