Wedding Lighting

Fairy Lights for Weddings and Functions

Beautiful Fairy Lights

Fairy lights bring ambience, elegance and warmth.

Fairy lights are versatile

These lights are versatile and can be used in so many ways. The options are endless…as far as the imagination stretches. One can create fairy light main features, fairy light chandeliers and dramatic overhead fairy light ceilings. Wrapping of pillars, railings and trees  as well as using fairy light strings for a backdrop or clusters over tables can also be stunning.

Fairy Light Ceiling

Lights used with the banting, make the most of the center piece with lines flaring out to the walls.

Pillars with Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights compliment the interesting architecture of the venue by wrapping the pillars. The centre dome is also accentuated by a fairy light design.

Fairy Light Ceiling

For high ceilings, this fairy light ceiling design is ideal to “bring it lower” and still maintain the wow factor!

Fairy Light Strings

Same venue but with a different fairy light design, creating a completely different feel and look. Both stunning!

Fairy Lights are cost effective

The strings come in 10m lengths and can inter-connect. With very little, one can create a stunning effect.  It is good to sometimes ask the question: what is important to me, atmosphere or features? Neither is more important than the other, it just depends on what one’s focus is.

Sometimes “less is more” when it comes to lighting.

Fairy Light Strings

Just having these few fairy light lines running overhead, creates a warm and cosy but elegant atmosphere.

Outdoor Fairy Light Feature

With only a few strings, the lights create a waterfal effect, making a wonderful backdrop for photos.

Fairy Lights with Chinese Lanterns

Using a few lines running with some Chinese Lanterns, changes this garden wedding into a festive occasion

Fairy Lights and Effects

These lights create stunning special effects. Water, mirrors, windows or any shiny surface reflect the lights beautifully, creating a wonderful effect. If you want to create more twinkle or glow, consider where you can strategically place the lights.

Fairy Lights on perimeter of tent

Fairy Lights on the perimeter of the tent, create a reflection on the nearby dancefloor

Fairy Lights over Water

The lights reflecting in the water creating a special effect, especially at night

Fairy lights are a beautiful and cost effective way to add elegance, ambience or stunning effects to your wedding or function. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your lighting requirements.