Bistro Lighting for home backyard

Lockdown Special: Lighting for a time…

A 21 day lockdown does not have to be dreaded. We have something for you. It’s a time to give your creative side some space to express and to enjoy the your creativity for the next 3 weeks.

You’ll be looking at the same wall, you may as well add some lights. Be creative with the strings, come up with something that can transform your living room. Your garden is just waiting for a change, it’s a canvas on which you create…. with lights. Imagine sitting at night, gazing at the beautiful scene.

Naked Bulbs for Verandah
Naked Bulbs for Verandah

It does not take a lot to make a small space magnificient! 10m for a railing, 40-60m of strings (fairy lights or globe lights) or 3-4 uplighters for a garden, 10m for indoors or 2m curtain. Have a large tree outside? Why not hang a fairy light curtain from the branches…there are so many options, that will just lighten up this time and bring some relief.

Fairy Light Strings on Railing
Fairy Light Strings on Railing
Pillars Wrapped with Fairy Lights during lockdown
Pillars Wrapped with Fairy Lights

Lockdown Special: pay once and get to keep the lights for 3 weeks. Want to hang onto it a bit longer, there will be a reduced rental fee per week thereafter.

There is limited time left. Last deliveries/collections need to be done by this Thursday evening, 26 March 2020.

Contact us now to make use of this fantastic offer!