Naked Bulbs, Matjiesfontein

DIY setup at Matjiesfontein

Globe Light Strings, Matjiesfontein

Globe Light Strings, ideal for outdoor dancefloor

Globe Light Strings, Matjiesfontein

DIY setup with Fairy Lights and Curtains at Matjiesfontein.

Fairy Lights over Dancefloor

Fairy Lights used over Dancefloor

Matjiesfontein, Car Museum

Different Length Curtains used effectively

Matjiesfontein with different lengths fairy light curtains

Height of venue allows for both fairy light curtain drops and overhead lighting

Fairy Light Curtains Reception Fairy Light Curtains Dancefloor Matjiesfontein, Fairy light curtains Matjiesfontein, Fairy Light Curtains